Lots and Lots of Food

6 10 2004

Music: Gloomy Sunday first by Sarah Brightman, then Billy Holiday, now Sarah Mclachlan~ I’ve always wanted to listen to all three versions in a row, I must say I like this one best.

I went shopping for food with my mom today. We were waiting till the third floor kitchen was done to get stuff. It’s pretty much downhill from now till break 😀 Last dance class tomorrow

😦 I’m must say I’ve really really enjoyed this class. Dancing with Jesse is a real joy, and there’s something about dancing that I love. I think because it’s physical and mental and emotional all wrapped into one. And it just feels right. The coffee shop tonight was interesting. Well, not interesting so much as I just didn’t think much about the time so it didn’t suck, and it was pretty busy.

Thankyou to everyone who has commented on my blog 🙂 It’s great to hear what you have to say (and to know that you are interested enough in my life to read about it 😀 I’ve especially enjoyed hearing what you have to say about voting. Voting IS a privilege that not everyone has, and Sol you have a very good point about voting for who you agree with no matter what. But I don’t think I could stand Bush for another 4 years. When we declared war on Iraq I sobbed for about a half hour. The things he has done to us, to our country, in our name, in MY name rackle me to my core. Besides, there are NO candidates that I agree with, I don’t really like any of them.

Today is my very very very close friend Abby’s birthday. She has a cool blog! http://www.amarien42.blogspot.com/

Happy Happy Birthday Abby! (ok, so it was technically yesterday, but in my book it’s still her birthday.)




One response

6 10 2004

thanks so much for the photo tribute, hon! with the combo of your blog and my own, I feel very publically photographed right now 🙂
love you bunches
and hey we should go order drinks sometime!

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