5 10 2004

I found this, it strikes some sour cords with me, and I think it’s a miss use of the image of Christ, but I think it’s important for us who oppose to be aware of those who do chose to fight. To try and understand the other side.

Understanding Soldiers from Iraq

People think they understand

(but they really have no clue)

the life of a soldier

and what it is we have to go through:

Crying families, crying children,

“Daddy, please don’t go away!”

Smiling, you say, “Things will be fine,”

while inside you’re crying, praying to see another day,

fighting for those who cannot

and for those who burn what you swore to defend,

constantly questioning life’s purpose,

hoping it will all make sense in the end.

There’s no one to talk to

except the angels that guide us through the fire,

frozen in a silent scream,

being led by God’s divine power.

I have nothing to do

but wonder why I am here.

Is it out of pure patriotism,

or is it strictly out of fear,

the reasons why I do this?

For faith, sacrifice and love,

and to defend our nation?

When push comes to shove—

hunger, homesickness, anger, sadness, fear,

thirst, exhaustion, loneliness, and disgust—

sometimes I feel small, helpless, and alone,

in a world hard of finding trust,

with nothing to do

but wait for another day.

God is my refuge,

and to him I always pray.

We are soldiers; men of honor

holding steadfast and strong without fear.

Even though most of us soldiers

are not yet old enough to have a beer.

Even so, we will be haunted

by the images left in our heads,

by the phantoms, the ghosts

and the nightmares we will have in our beds.

You will look upon us as a child,

but men we are—more so than some,

and we will continue to grow

even when the fighting is done.

Always being asked:

“Why put yourself through that?”

If only I had an explanation;

If only they could think backto a time long ago

when a Man suffered for all our sins…

Are we as soldiers

any different from Him?

Maybe then

their understanding may begin.




One response

5 10 2004
Sol(omon) - Dragon Slayer

I appreciate your post Steph. It is very important to understand life from other peoples’ perspectives. This poem seems wrong – because it’s very hard to reconcile Jesus with violence. But if your view of life is different, then I can understand how you could bring the two together. It’s not like soldiers are bad people who enjoy killing – most of them believe they are doing good by ridding the world of evil.

One misleading aspect of this poem is that it seems to speak of all soldiers. I don’t believe that most soldiers think this way – (I.E. Christian soldiers who justify their killing through their faith). I think most soldiers do it because they need a job, or they want excitement, or they value the idea of strength and pride that comes with the military.

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