Randomness at 1 in the morning

29 09 2004

Music: saucy Sailor by the Wailin’ Jennys 🙂 hehe, I really like this song!

hummm….. the coffee shop was really busy. It was nice to be home for just a bit today. I really think I should do an hour after, except that….. eh, it probably wont happen. I’m really frustrated with the fact that I think about going over to the music center every day to practice, but how? I can’t even plunk out a simple melody! I’m not kidding. I mean I can warm up my voice and work on vocal technique, but I need to be learning my songs. grrr…. I really enjoyed watching two of my friends catch up with each other while I was working in the coffee shop, it gave me warm fuzzies. Ok, I think that’s all for now. Yes, I realize it’s fairly random, but that’s me right now at this moment, so there you go! (big huge smile) I love you all. Ohhhhh….. I get paid tomorrow! yippeeee. Alright, the first person to leave a comment on this blog gets a free dinner out with yours truly. I miss my habit of taking people out. I’ll have to reinstate it. Alright, I’m done, Goodnight!




4 responses

29 09 2004

Oooh! Ooh! I’m the first one to comment!

Wait a minute…..

29 09 2004

hmm, this is weird, cause last night I saw this post on the ketchup one and tried to comment there and it wouldn’t let me, so then I just posted my response on ketchup. Which seeing as this post ended up on your personal blog, now makes no sense. Oh, well. Anyways are you gonna fly to france or katie, are you gonna visit here, for that free dinner 🙂

29 09 2004
Sol(omon) - Dragon Slayer

I’m gonna have to listen to these Wailin’ Jennys.

29 09 2004

Have you tried using Smart Music? That might help. I think they are in the last two practice rooms on each side. I haven’t tried them yet, but they might help you. You wouldn’t have to mess around with a piano.

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