The weekend and why women can’t talk about cramps (Stephanie getting on her soap box)

24 09 2004

music: Elegy ~ Songs Without Words No. 40 performed by Jennifer W.
Yesterday was horrible! Why? because pain and I were on a first name basis all day long. Now when people encountered me it was very obvious that I was not alright, and when asked what was wrong there were times when I was at a loss as to how to respond. This is a common plight of mine (almost monthly). Why is it that I not only have to physically suffer because of my bodies makeup, but am put in socially uncomfortable situations. Why is a women’s cycle and the problems that go with such a taboo topic? Does anyone else see anything wrong with this? It’s not that I want to go out and announce it to everyone, but when I’m in so much pain I can’t hide it ( I have a very high pain threshold so that is significant) I hate the fact that I have to mince words. Of course with my girlfriends all I have to do is put my hand on my abdomen and grimace, but still. Ok, I’m done. One last thing… why was I not able to bring myself to actually say what I’m talking about?

I’m so excited about this weekend. Lots of fun things going on. Latin dance tonight, MCC relief sale tomorrow, Kick-off tomorrow night, and lunch with a family from Assembly on Sunday. Yippee 🙂

Terms you may not know:

Jennifer- my best friend from Oregon

MCC- Mennonite Central committee, they do alot of work overseas

relief sale- yearly action/ gathering where hundreds (thousands?) of Mennonites from the area come to spend money and time together. All proceeds go to MCC specifically for overseas missions I think

Kick-off- a big talent show at the beginning of each semester, one of the biggest student life events on campus

Assembly- Assembly Mennonite Church, my local church community




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25 09 2004

Talking about menstruation? It’s just always been a taboo topic…I suppose like most bodibly functions. And the less something is talked about, the more powerful it seems.
Can you love someone too much? Absolutely. If you love obsessively, dangerously, with no regard for your own safety, then you are loving too much. But if you are healthy, happy, and whole, taking care of your needs and your wants, but simply very much in love…then it’s not too much.

25 09 2004
Sol(omon) - Dragon Slayer

I think the love question is too complex for a simple answer, but I basically agree with Katie. Maybe it depends on how you define love? Maybe what we see as destructive love is really obsession – and thus there is no destructive love. Another thought: Jesus told us to love our neighbors as ourselves. I think this implies that we must evenly share our love – if we only love ourselves we become narcissistic and if we only love others we become self-denying.

(Sorry about the deleted comments – I kept making mistakes).

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