23 09 2004

Music: The River by Garth Brookes

I gave a most interesting tour today. Jo says that my expression was priceless (and one of pain) when I walked in and encountered 4 young (they all seemed blond, but I think a couple of them actually had brown hair) women with too much makeup. They were all in mini skirts that combined black and a pastel colour and then a shirt that perfectly matched the skirt. It was like something out of a bad valley girl movie! And then I saw the two others who would be joining them. The girl had a cute hippish outfit on, something you’d see on Abby. And he had on a tee-shirt and jeans…..they looked Mennonite, although I never found out. So here we go, two opposite personalities…..what do you do with that! I hate giving tours to mixed groups anyways, but when they’re completely different it’s horrible. You can’t tailor the tour to fit their interests. No one talks, or answers questions in a significant way, or asks questions. Uggg…. I think I would have really enjoyed the tour if I had just had the couple. I think I would have even enjoyed the tour if it had just been the 4 barbies. I know I’m being really prejudiced, I just don’t understand that lifestyle. It’s not that I think it’s bad….well, I can see drawbacks…. I just don’t understand it and we often don’t like what we don’t understand. Maybe if I knew someone like that….. Anyways, is anyone else interested in being a tour guide????? We really need more, and then maybe I wouldn’t have to do that again.




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