Service etc.

22 09 2004

Today Goshen’s classes were cancelled so that the students could go out into the community and do service work. I worked at a site were a clinic is being built to serve people who don’t have health insurance. I moved gravel and heavy blocks and swept. But then we were treated to San Marcos….so it was all good. I also had my first experience golfing. Jesse’s roommate Aaron plays for the college team and he took Jesse, Tanya (his girlfriend) and I to the three holes on campus. It was fun, but I was pretty bad. Have I mentioned that my boyfriend is a really good dancer? 😀 And then I went to small group……’s been a pretty decent day overall. I was blessed with encouraging messages from friends. Thankyou, you know who you are 🙂

I’m still interested in any input to my question “can you love someone too much” Ok, I’m off to play risk. Aaron feels that he needs to redeem himself after a crushing defeat two nights ago 😉




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