16 09 2004

Music: Sarah McLachan~ Push

It’s amazing how music can effect you! How much a song can make you feel one way or another. This song is like that.

A cold wind is blowing out side. An occasionally flash of lightening draws my attention out the window. I love that I can sit at my computer and stare out my window at the same time. Fall is coming….. goodbye beautiful summer. I will never forget you and the joys that you brought into my life.

Dance class tonight was wonderful! Jesse picked it all up amazingly fast. I knew that he wouldn’t have trouble with the rhythm which is half the battle, but I was still impressed at how quietly he could do things and with consistency while still being able to mix it together. I think I’ve found a gem….. 😀

This afternoon Jess came and visited me and I enjoyed catching up with her a bit. I love that I’m just down the hall instead of two blocks away. I’m still counting my blessings in that area. Also, this evening I had just started to make myself tea when Bret and a freshman girl who was with him (grrr… for not remembering names…..) stopped by and had tea with me. Crystal dropped in a bit later and we all hung out chatting. Ummm…. 🙂 yay for dorm life. Only now it’s 1 and I’m still not in bed. Dang it for bad sleeping schedules!

By the way, have I mentioned yet how glad I am that I dropped TESOL back down to a minor? I think it’s definitely the right choice for me.

There was just a huge streak of lightning that took up the entire Western sky!!! It was beautiful. I love thunder storms. And with that I shall retire to my bed. Goodnight lovely world. May there be more joy in you tomorrow than there was today, and more the next and so on till He comes. May that be one of our life goals.




2 responses

16 09 2004

I love reading your blog. Your amazing zest for life is quite refreshing. I enjoy taking a gander at the world through your eyes in your posts. So thank you, dear one, for being you and for sharing your life with others.
Btw, what does TESOL stand for? If that’s your minor now, what’s your major. And is the “Joel” that has posted on your blog Joel Dougall?
I was in Salem last weekend for my sister Melissa’s wedding (it was lovely) and I saw Abby’s dad at Burger King. Have you kept in contact with her? Her dad said that she’s back at Hesston for her last year. Do you know if Ana still goes there or if she finished?
Would you and Jen be interested in taking a road trip down to Southern California next late July for my wedding?

Love you, hon. Get some rest! A woman cannot live on adrenilin and tea alone!

Smiley in love,

16 09 2004

By the way, I’ve started my own blog since I can’t post a comment on yours without signing up! Hey, it’s free and I’m uber-bored at work.

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