5 09 2004

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Random thoughts after reading away messages/ Katie’s blog

I want to learn French!

I completely understand Katie! I have the same problem with curves. None of my jeans fit me

in the waist…… and I really don’t care for wearing belts….sigh

Anyone who had Andrew’s screen name, check out his profile. Very interesting. It’s a letter from Abraham Lincoln to a woman who lost 5 sons in the war. I’m pretty sure it was after this (possibly another similar case later on) that they made a rule that only a certain number of males in a single family can be sent into combat.

Last night, Abby, Jess, Becca, Chrissy and I had girl time complete with good tea, back massages and tears over a guy….. it was really good to be back with a group of girls relating to one another. There’s something amazing it. It can be very cleansing to the soul. Seeing weakness and strength in one another I think allows us to come to grips with our own weakness, but realize that there is strength in us as well. God has blessed me with some amazing women friends…..and a large spectrum of friends in general.

I was also very productive yesterday which felt really good. I still have alot to do, but I’m very encouraged. O, and my personal essay is done and I have three people editing it. This truelly is a big step for me. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully I can continue this trend. Balance is not easy!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

This week has been so intense. Going from this summer when I really wasn’t doing much, to having a bursting schedule was really mentally and emotionally taxing. I’m definitely glad it’s the weekend. But now the homework! I have to finish a rough draft of a personal essay today among many other things. Maybe I’ll post the essay when I’m done. I think I will.

Last night there was a Luau. It was ok, but the music kind of sucked. Dressing up was fun though, I love getting spruced up with all my friends I had my first voice lesson yesterday. I’m going to do NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singers). It’s a region wide vocal competition and I’m going to be competing in the musical theater division. I need an up-tempo piece. Anyone have any good ideas? Alright, I’ve procrastinated long enough. Time for the homework.
Currently Playing Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Friday, September 03, 2004

It’s amazing how much interpersonal stuff goes on in a college setting, being away from it this summer really brought it into the forfront now that I’m back. There are so many little things. I’m glad people feel comfortable coming to me, and that there are people I feel comfortable going to. That is one of my biggest blessings. Thankyou to all who act as supports in my life.

Currently Playing Alanis Morissette Uninvited

I love quotes, so there will probably be quotes randomly popping up in posts every now and then. I’m the last person on my buddy list still up….. I’m vaguely proud of this. Night all. Tonight’s is:

“I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better.” ~G. C. Lichtenberg

Currently Playing Solace By Sarah McLachlan I really don’t know the exact cd, but the song’s The Prayer of Saint Francis- probably my favorite of hers

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Errrr….. I don’t like Literacy! I feel pretty lost in class and I haven’t had a chance to do the readings because the bookstore ran out of books. I’ve done some of it by borrowing books, but with how long it took me to track some down, I didn’t have time to do all the reading. This is an upper level Ed class and I haven’t taken any Ed classes yet, so there’s concepts and terminology that the other students understand and I don’t. Besides the fact that quite a bit of the focus in the class is irrelevent information for me to have And I was really cold in class which made me more sleepy and my body tried to sort of shut it’s self down to keep warm…..so I was definitely falling asleep in class Already! I hate that we’ve barely gotten started on classes and I’m already feeling like I’m barely holding on.

In other news, the dance class last night was great and I’ve convinced Jesse to go with me Which is really exciting for this little dance fanatic. Small group was nice last night. It was only part of the group and it was all women and we just enjoyed chatting together. I like getting together with a mixed generation group like that. The construction here at the college is almost done 🙂 I can’t wait till they open the west enterance to the connector so that I can get to my classes faster. And I’m looking forward to the machinary etc to be gone. It’s pretty ugly right now. I’m looking forward to a nice long nap after my 2 o’clock I’ve worked almost 23 hours this week!!!!!!!

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