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20 08 2004

Top to Bottom: Jenn’s house, A hillside nearby that I went to to read/journal/think, an artistic shot , View from the porch.

I just got back from driving a new freshman from the airport. We had some interesting conversation on the way back. He’s a strong Bush supporter and supports the war in Iraq. I wish I knew more about the whole situation and the history of it. I wish that we knew if we were getting true information, or where we could get it. Anyone have any good suggestions? The only thing about the election is that Kerry really isn’t that much better than Bush! Or that’s what it feels like. I’m not sure Kerry wouldn’t have done the same thing Bush did. I don’t see Kerry as a strong candidate, he’s been wishy washy in the past. Today I’m going to finish my room and possibly work at home. I really need to practice my voice and violin! I’ve lost quite a bit of my range this summer…… Well, I think I’ll get to it. It’s a beautiful day today….nice and sunny and warm. The freshman are moving in. It feels like yesterday when I was in their shoes. How fast it’s all going. I don’t want it to go so fast. I like college. I like this stage of life. But I look forward to the next as well.

Joel- Thanks for the message! that was cool to get. I’m glad at least someone’s reading this. What’s your e-mail address?

Kari- What does subscribing do exactly? We still have to get together sometime.

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Friday, August 20, 2004

The room’s almost done! It looks great. Maybe I’ll borrow Abby’s camera and take picture to post. The coffee bar’s going to be fun I think. And the free drinks are nice. We couldn’t open this weekend, and the soonest we can officially open is Tuesday night, that’s if we pass the health inspection. Things are far from done. But we’re doing some test runs tonight and tomorrow. As long as we don’t actually sell the drinks, we can have faculty/staff come for complimentary drinks. I hope the chair is good. The maple tree outside my window has already started to change colours. It’s going to red and orange, that will be pretty. Oh, and I’m using the internet in my room! Yippee! I’ve been talking to people about relationships more than usual recently……….probably due to my own recent developments It’s such an interesting thing. One of my friends and I talked about having relationships “just for fun” I really don’t understand that concept, I could never to that, not that I think it’s necessarily wrong per say (although risky) it’s just…………I could never do it. And a couple of my other friends are having interesting experiences when it comes to dating, so it’s intriguing to discuss. When we were talking last night Meryl said she had never seen me so happy before. …………I was up till 4 though, so I’m quite tired today……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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