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18 08 2004

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Well, I don’t have access to the internet in my room till Friday But Abby’s letting me use hers. I have a couple small things at home still, but everything else is here in Miller 422 I can’t wait to be DONE. I want to feel settled, but that’s going to take a bit of time. I have so much junk! And I start training for the coffee shop tomorrow. I heard from Sara today (friend from Western, my roommate during my year out of school) It was great to hear from her! We haven’t been in contact for over 2 years, so that was neat. I guess I’ll start unpacking…..sigh. But I love being here

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Well, I’ve moved all the furniture already in my dorm room where I want it and have a few boxes on my bed, so the move has started I got to see more people tonight! Tara, Zeb, Meryl, Thushan, Nathan and Andrew. It’s wonderful to be around everyone again and everyone seems to have had a fairly good summer. I went rug shopping with my mom tonight and then had supper at Steak and Shake. I really enjoyed spending time with her and chatting. Not something I’ve had a chance to do very often in the past, so that was cool! Well, work tomorrow…..and I should have been in bed long ago, too bad I napped alot today and am not tired at all. I’m kind of interested in who’s reading this, so if you took a few seconds and signed my guest book that would be awesome Of course it’s dangerous to ask that, because no one could be reading it and then I’d know and ignorance can be bliss in certain circumstances.

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Monday, August 16, 2004

So tired…… and I have a ton to do today. I have so much stuff! Where did it all come from? Ummm…. I just want to go back to bed…. See all you Goshenites in a week! Back to the grind.

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I’m insane to be writing this right now, but I had to get on the computer to add a couple things to my to do list and e-mail a happy Birthday to Katie….so, what the heck. I’m so tried that I feel like I’m back on one of the rides and free falling, literally, this is an actual sensation I’m experiencing. Cedar Point was great! I went on the Millennium Force…..and even though I was shaking afterward I enjoyed it. It just was a very pleasant day. Uggg… work tomorrow. Why’d I sign up for this again? Oh yeah, I have to earn back the money I spent on moving up my ticket Ok, that must be my favorite smiley of all time! Ummm… the freefalling sensation has started up again, so I think I’m going to go….Goodnight everyone I hope you are all dreaming beautiful things.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Tonight was magnificent! I love being home, even if my parents can be frustrating sometimes, I’m starting to feel like we’re actually a family. Jesse came over and had dinner with my grandmother, my parents and I. Ummm….the was nice We have a ton of fresh vegetables from my mom’s garden. She’s got quite the green thumb, unfortunately I did not inherit said colourful digit. Off to the “Point” tomorrow. For non-midwesterns, that’s an amusement park in Ohio. And then I have a full week ahead of me….ummm…to be busy again! Life is beautiful. God is good. Happiness abounds. May it sit at your table as well and if it does not, come sit at mine

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