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14 08 2004

Saturday, August 14, 2004

There is a HUGE spider on my wall! It’s legs probably span about 2 inches….no joke. That may even be underestimating. I kind of hope it’s not the jumping kind…. still listening to Aida….should be packing

Well, I stayed up way to late last night (big surprise there) and had to get up early for an airport run, so I’m really tired, but today is another open day of doing what I want The airport run was eventful…. I couldn’t find the admission’s car. I wasn’t sure which one it was so I tried all of them. One would unlock, but not start….so, I took my car, but by that time I was already running late and I needed gas. Going 85 down the highway is not very smart, but it is fun It ended up fine because Ibrahem’s bus was late and we arrived about the same time. Ibrahem’s from Tanzania and I enjoyed talking to him on the way home. And then……



Well, mom wants me to go to the store for her I need a nap…..

Currently Playing Aida (2000 Original Broadway Cast) By Elton John, Tim Rice

Friday, August 13, 2004

I’m home!!!!!!!! It felt so nice to wake up in my bed this morning. I never thought I would feel this attached to one place, well, at least not untill I created my own home. It’s a fairly new sensation…I like it Today I’m going to go through all my earthy possessions I’ve done this countless times, pretty much with each move……sooo….alot of time! hehe I kind of like it. It always pulls up such good memories and I’m able to get rid of unneeded items which tends to simplify life slightly. I think I would be a packrat if I hadn’t moved so much. Since I graduated from High School I’ve moved 8 times…..6 if you don’t count this summer, which I’m not sure I should or not.

Currently Playing This Side By Nickel Creek

Well, today I flew from Seattle to Chicago, and now I’m HOME! I loved this summer, but it feels so good to be back in my own room. Although it doesn’t look like my room anymore thanks to mom…. The flight wasn’t too bad, I’m pretty used to flying by now, but I hate getting the middle seat But the reward at the end of the trip was well worth the wait

Currently Playing: Anuna By Anuna




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