Oi! I forgot to post yesterday

Well, this weekend was spent up at lake Michigan with the Evanston girls, and a couple of friends from the Goshen area.  Very relaxing.  It’s been so nice to see my old roommates more, and to be hanging out with girlfriends in general.

I have a job interview on Thursday for a very part time (about 10 hours/wk) receptionist position.  I’ve decided I really don’t like subbing if I’m doing it often, but if it’s only a day or two a week, it’s something I could keep doing.  So if I get this job, I’ll probably pair it with some evenings at South Side (the soda shop and diner I’m working at) and subbing a couple days a week.  I like this arrangement because it gives me a variety of things to be doing, and honestly, there’s nothing I’m qualified for right now/is feasible in this area that I’m passionate enough about to work at full time and enjoy.

Now I’m about to go buy massive amounts of alcohol 🙂  Whee!!




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